Jimmy Mack

Well i am now offically on HOLIDAY! I think i couldn't be happier. Rome is waiting for me tomorrow, 31°C are expected (how wonderful is that?), and partying is on the menu again finally!

Here's a little goodie for you, Twiggy Lawson cute as can be.

Oh my so many things to do during the summer and reading is one of them. I love reading! Having finished "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz during my exams (i'm hopeless, i know), i can tell you a little about what i though of it: It's quite a big book (900 pages) but if you're a Beatles (i don't want to say "fan"...but oh well) fan, it'll be allright for you because you'll never want it to end! You'll feel like the constant camera of their lives, everything important is said and you'll realise that they are human, bad and good. I thought the beginning of the book quite long (all about each ones chilhood) but it's the one less known and quite enjoyable if you're curious.

Other reading plans of mine, now that i can start again will be "Twilight"... i prefer reading the book before the film. Friends told me it was amazing, i'll tell you about it.

I'd also like to read a book about green energy and developement and ... and ... and... gosh so many things. I think i could actually spend hours on Amazon, that i've discovered recently and works well, looking for books. Dangerous.

This post is getting a little to long...and i don't enjoy reading long long posts myself so i'll stop here.

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