Back from Rome all to early. Weather was incredible of course and it was so nice to socialise and see my friends again after all this time studying in my room. I got a little tan as well, i'm happy about that. Party was amazing too...I love Italy so much!

I'm now getting through Twilight quite quickly, i like it very much. It's different from everything i have read before, it truly exploits our soft sentimental side. I wonder how the other books of the series are. On the other hand i am not willing to see the film, i prefer my imagination (same with Harry Potter...).

And most important: i have finally bought a GUITAR! Learning by my own for now, i'll see how it evolves (the internet has allready so much to offer for self learning, it's amazing). But i must say my fingers are allready feeling sore. But i'm so impatiant to be able to strum confidently that it doesn't matter. Plus, even my godlike Beatles had slinters on their fingers (well at least Paul says so in the Helter Skelter song).

I wonder how much i must practice before having some real results...it will be interesting following this.

I'm hungry so i'll dump you here now but i promise i'll come back to you soon enough with jucy updates!

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