Back from Rome all to early. Weather was incredible of course and it was so nice to socialise and see my friends again after all this time studying in my room. I got a little tan as well, i'm happy about that. Party was amazing too...I love Italy so much!

I'm now getting through Twilight quite quickly, i like it very much. It's different from everything i have read before, it truly exploits our soft sentimental side. I wonder how the other books of the series are. On the other hand i am not willing to see the film, i prefer my imagination (same with Harry Potter...).

And most important: i have finally bought a GUITAR! Learning by my own for now, i'll see how it evolves (the internet has allready so much to offer for self learning, it's amazing). But i must say my fingers are allready feeling sore. But i'm so impatiant to be able to strum confidently that it doesn't matter. Plus, even my godlike Beatles had slinters on their fingers (well at least Paul says so in the Helter Skelter song).

I wonder how much i must practice before having some real results...it will be interesting following this.

I'm hungry so i'll dump you here now but i promise i'll come back to you soon enough with jucy updates!


Jimmy Mack

Well i am now offically on HOLIDAY! I think i couldn't be happier. Rome is waiting for me tomorrow, 31°C are expected (how wonderful is that?), and partying is on the menu again finally!

Here's a little goodie for you, Twiggy Lawson cute as can be.

Oh my so many things to do during the summer and reading is one of them. I love reading! Having finished "The Beatles" by Bob Spitz during my exams (i'm hopeless, i know), i can tell you a little about what i though of it: It's quite a big book (900 pages) but if you're a Beatles (i don't want to say "fan"...but oh well) fan, it'll be allright for you because you'll never want it to end! You'll feel like the constant camera of their lives, everything important is said and you'll realise that they are human, bad and good. I thought the beginning of the book quite long (all about each ones chilhood) but it's the one less known and quite enjoyable if you're curious.

Other reading plans of mine, now that i can start again will be "Twilight"... i prefer reading the book before the film. Friends told me it was amazing, i'll tell you about it.

I'd also like to read a book about green energy and developement and ... and ... and... gosh so many things. I think i could actually spend hours on Amazon, that i've discovered recently and works well, looking for books. Dangerous.

This post is getting a little to long...and i don't enjoy reading long long posts myself so i'll stop here.



I love this picture of Pattie Boyd, former girlfriend of George Harrison and model, in total 'Going un the country' style. Freedom, summer, peace of mind.


Mr Potato

A huge bag of potatoes was lying next to our quite empty fridge...so i decided to make something with them. What a better idea then to make mashed potatoes? Never done those by myself before but i know by fact that it's waaaaay better homemade. Oh don't get me wrong, i do like to cook very much...but maintly when cakes are involved. So not knowing how to cook mashed potatoes is quite embarrassing. How did i manage? I asked Paul McCartney!


Often simple is better.



Yann Arthus-Bernard, a renown nature photographer, made a film about our environment. So you must expect breathtaking pictures, strong and crucial message and world music. Often it's not the kind of movies people enjoy to see at the movie or with friends, but this documentary points on something important to all of us (it's not new). It's free on Youtube until the 14th of June, in theatres at a cheaper price than the usual, as well as the dvd and all the funds go to goodwill. What a good opportunity!

Please get out of your 'amusement world' for a while and be 'world conscious'. You depend on it!

Hey Bulldog

My first post my first post my first post...!

Well, first of all i'd like to say that one of the greatest musicians, in my opinion of course, are The Beatles and i won't miss posting about them. I really do enjoy so many other music artists and keep on discovering them but i find The Beatles truely timeless, fun and, most important of all, ... REAL. In this fast changing world it feels good to know that there are some things i can always turn back to.


Hello there passer-by...how nice is it to be in this lovely countryside scenery? The sun is shining, birds are wandering about, fresh breeze...and plenty of raspberries to pick!!
Make sure to eat only the juciest ones. But of course, in this field all of them are...
And do not leave until your little belly is full of jucy facts, pictures and quite about everything!

How exciting is it to start a blog?!!

All the best !

...did i mention i like raspberries?